A Few New: Tanka 253, 254

Here are a couple of short poems I wrote today. I feel a bit groggy after my second vaccine shot yesterday and that prompted me to write a couple of poems about the idea of being groggy and dreams and lying on the sofa. Which is something I hardly ever do. Lie on the sofa and doze, I mean.

I hope tomorrow to be back in action. Anyway, here were are for this week.

Gosh, I hope I counted the syllables right.

Tanka 253

In a dull headache
I lie on the gray sofa
I doze. Wake. Doze. Wake.
The promised rain does not fall.
Unrested, I cook dinner.


Tanka 254

Doze on the sofa
Dream the same sequence three times
The repetition
Does not make it real it does
not I tell you it does not.


11 thoughts on “A Few New: Tanka 253, 254

  1. Unrested… I know about those naps. I couldn’t tell if it was the shot or just my usual exhausted state. But you’ve caught that in-beween.

    • Thank you. I used to take a lot of naps. After my various health issues of 2014 and 2015 and so on, I seemed to have lost the ability to nap. Which is good. I sleep well at night because I am tired out. This nap poem is from the vaccine shot effects, I am sure. I felt an overwhelming tiredness but I slept poorly and got up feeling no better except that time had passed. Luckily today I am back to more normal.

      • Thats good, I’m glad it was just temporary.. I’ve always had a hard time with restful naps, but sometimes I’m so exhausted I just need to lie down. But I generally don’t sleep well either. Maybe it’s just old age as I got by on very little sleep until my 60s.

  2. One of the reasons I never nap is because it never leads to me feeling adequately rested and instead I just feel groggy and lethargic. I live in a state of perpetual exhaustion so the idea of napping is very appealing but the practice of it never works out for me.

    • I used to nap so well…until my health issues some years ago. Never since, unless I am ill. I am sure it was the effects of the shot. Napping did not really help me feel better. Just passed time.

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