The Indications Are

The Indications Are

Right this minute
I look at her and know:

She is twenty years old
Hair dyed matte-black
arranged Cleopatra-style
Evidencing a liking for body art
tight shorts
sugary coffee drinks
Can’t see a thing without her
au courant big-framed glasses and

no idea that
one day
not soon
but sooner than she thinks
She will be dyeing that hair
to cover up the gray
She will consider and reject
removal techniques
for the sagging and discolored tattoos
Out of lifelong habit
she will always buy her clothes a size too small
She will get reading glasses
and never know where they are.


4 thoughts on “The Indications Are

  1. Ah yes. Aging. It happens to us all. One of the benefits of never having been fashionable or placed much focus on my appearance is that I think I have probably found aging less troubling than have many of my friends.

    • I have always had the idea that I looked fine, maybe even good, and never thought about whether that was true or not. I guess I just don’t seem to worry much about my appearance once I have checked out that my clothes are clean and neat(I tend to wear the same things every day) and my hair is in a semblance of its usual shape. Then I forget about it. Maybe this is a good thing, sure does save worry and time!

      • Precisely. So time saving. And mental energy saving too. I don’t judge people who do spend a lot of time on their appearance – I think people should do whatever makes them feel good – but I just don’t feel that need so I am glad I can use that time and energy for other things.

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