As If It Never

As If It Never

Years of winters behind you
and yet again you have forgotten
the square-in-the-face
utter indifference of a snowfall
The silence as it goes about
methodically removing
The steady supply of flakes
that settle and smooth out

and how you
followed by your footsteps
that will melt away behind you
in the next day’s sunshine
how you will stop and stand
in the bleach-blue light
of this afternoon
your red-gloved hand palm-up
into the falling flakes
How few seconds
it takes for the snow
to take no notice of you
to include you
in its indifference
to begin to settle and smooth out

Now you remember.
The snow falls.


3 thoughts on “As If It Never

  1. There is a serene and gentle quality to this poem. The idea of forgetting every year what the winter weather is like feeds into that idea of the snow’s indifference to human life and, by extension, that idea that nothing about human life endures but nature keeps repeating its cycles regardless.

    • Yes, that is exactly how I feel about the weather, and especially winter. Humans, in the end, are powerless and the planet will always win, and maybe in a way that will not be beneficial to us, our own fault.

    • Oops, hit send too fast. But, no matter what, snow falling and winter always reminds me of something I like very much about our life here on earth – we are all part of the giant structure of the universe, even if only for a very short time.

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