Portraits Drawn in One Sitting

Portraits Drawn in One Sitting

Man talking on the phone
drinking from a pink soda can.
Long dark hair
sunglasses pushed up on his head
paint-spattered hoodie:
Dude she is a liar
I never took any of her clothes
when she moved out
She took all of her clothes
She’s a liar. I’m sick of talking about it.
OK. I’ve got to go back to work.
Call you later.

Lady forking up greens
one leaf at a time
from a cardboard container.
After she finishes that skimpy salad
will she dive into the
one-pound bag of
Smoky BBQ Mixed Nuts
sitting on the table beside her?

Grocery café worker
she says to me:
Is this your cart
pushed up against the next table)
or may I take it away?
I applaud the use of
may vs. can.
And that she is always cheerful.
But it is not my cart.
She can do whatever she wants.

Baby standing on the seat of the booth behind me
shouting into the back of my head:

Across the asphalt lot
a building and
Five men
one works the valley
another the ridgeline
three scatter across the landscape
of new plywood and flashing
rolling out tarpaper
over the shimmer of parked cars in the sun.


4 thoughts on “Portraits Drawn in One Sitting

  1. I always enjoy these vignettes of yours and the way so much character and intrigue is implied in the sketch, the overhearing, or the brief observation.

    • I know. I thought that too. I so hope that soon I can go back to being a fly on the wall again, in some way, at least (eavesdropping at the picnic grove???)

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