Life Stories

Life Stories

They set to it
as if the opportunity to argue
is what they live for
and doing it is heaven.
They give it heart and soul
dig into their positions
one balanced on the living room sofa
the other shouting from the dining room

Then comes
the talking in low voices.
the exhaustion.
the dried tears on cheeks.
the sniffles into tissues.
the embraces.
The promises never to argue again
mutual and sincere
always broken

Their double biography
a parallel series of prizefights
the prize never being worth much
the fights


4 thoughts on “Life Stories

    • People get into patterns, I have noticed, or people in certain patterns combine forces and make a new one. Sometimes good, sometimes not. And then once it is set…it seems like it never changes. I find this makes me sad, when I see it continuing on and on (if it is a bad pattern. There are good ones too).

  1. I have known too many couples like this, whose only interactions seem to be the build up to or recovery from an argument. I think I would just find it so exhausting to live like that.

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