From the Second Page of the Album

From the Second Page of the Album

All dressed up
especially nice
these high heels
matching purse
stereotype of woman
going to bridge club

circa years
and decades ago.
The photo
is a scream
for help printed on paper.
I’ve arrived too late.

shadorma chain

2 thoughts on “From the Second Page of the Album

  1. As someone who is the custodian and curator of all the vintage family photos and as someone who more broadly just likes old photos, I find this poem very charming. I like that idea of contemplating a conversation or even relationship with the people depicted in a photo.

    • I remember my grandfather showing me photos of his mother and some other relatives in an album once and I remember being astonished at the idea that these people even existed before I was born, and I wished I could talk to them, so I made up stories instead. Not to mention I was also astonished at their hair – these particular women all had hair three feet in length + (there was a photo showing them with their hair down) and I had no idea hair could be like that. Funny what sticks with you just from photos. Not real memories of mine, these people, and yet I do feel I know a little about them as if I did meet them personally.

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