How Is She Doing These Days

How Is She Doing These Days

Well she is
in San Francisco
now and she
has made friends
a nice couple name of Spock
and Francis cute names

right? but there
you have it. Often
they meet in
the down trip
elevator. The barking
is something to hear

says and You’re saying
what? It’s dogs
Norma, dogs.
Isabel’s Sparky and friends.
What else would it be?

shadorma chain

4 thoughts on “How Is She Doing These Days

    • Thank you. I overheard a woman telling a friend her daughter met some friends in the elevator of her new building and the rest sort of made itself up!

    • You are very welcome. I did likethis poem, from the minute I wrote it (and it took about a minute, it just fell right out of my head onto paper.)

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