Shadorma 165-168

Shadorma 165

This sneeze makes
three hundred and one
my best work
yet to come
this cold has just got started.
A tissue please. Quick.


Shadorma 166

it hit the small group
struggling up
the mountain
of the CEO’s ego
Compost flows downhill


Shadorma 167

I’ll make it
Please tell him to wait
this old bus
off schedule
due to terminal fatigue
But I’ll get there. Wait.


Shadorma 168

The cheese plate –
or what’s left of it –
a half-slice
of Gruyère
and its rind now of no use
since its job is done?


4 thoughts on “Shadorma 165-168

  1. “Compost flows downhill” made me laugh. The cheese one resonated with me. Despite being lactose intolerant, I am a cheese addict. I take the hit with the gastric trouble because I cannot resist cheese 100% of the time. I have, therefore, been known to use the rind of harder cheeses like gruyere and parmesan in soups and risottos since they melt down. A cheese rind’s life is, therefore, never done when I am around.

    • You know, I had no idea you could use cheese rinds in soups and so on until I read it in some cooking blog a few years ago and now, a rind is never a piece of trash, now, either, for me.

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