Little Vines 3/29/21

This week’s Little Vines.

improved health and lump sums of cash
rained on the whole neighborhood
in my blissful dream right before I woke up

a large pink virus
big and more than I could really afford
I carried it right out of the store and took it home

The staples last when the papers they held do not.
I salvage them. I wash them. I dry them.
Relics from the past. I preserve them.

there’s nothing to yell about
hordes of students on spring break
are yelling anyway

as an exit strategy
why not just take the train instead

brittle metallic in an easy situation
poof dissolved into talcum powder
in a bad one. We choke with coughing.

Saturated green in the glow of jammed-up electricity
One at a time he calls out. A woman shouts
Is there another way out?
Sparks. The carpet begins to burn.

misguided unethical confusing and inefficient
by a two-to-one margin thoroughly disliked
just elected to her third term

I advise you now: there are rules
and there is punishment
and they have never met here in this city

I have one dish one bowl one pair of shoes
a comb to run through my hair
and enough hair to need a comb. That’s plenty.

Lip-smacking good, hollered the pirate
shoveling another glob of caviar into his mouth
his manners a credit to his alma mater
a second-rate finishing school that coud never have imagined this scene

she is always going to be on the fringes
of rowdy crowds and shady dealings
and that is what will save her life

I hear a new excuse for it
maybe once every two centuries –
obviously this sin is never going to hit the big time

Be careful where you step
the baby has run off again
I’ve lost track of him in the shag carpet

I didn’t realize I was vaccuuming your school friend’s hair
I thought I was just
freshening up the cat a little bit