Little Vines 3/24/21

This week’s Little Vines.

I’ve got a lot of distractions this week and not much time to write, no time, most likely, the rest of the week so there are not very many Little Vines for today – but I did want to get some out…here they are.

a chopping motion with my eyes shut and…
a masterpiece of an asymmetrical hairdo
appears on your (former) head

a nuanced clear green apple
of my eye kind of person
yes, my darling, that is who you are

it’s somebody else that you think of
every single day.
Will it ever be me? I hope not.

Human, your understanding of me
is fated to be minimal
because I am Cat.

tucked inside her snug skirt of pink checked wool
she sits with her feet under her desk and calculates
one shoe removed because of her bunion

a dreary slab of gray they chose
my gravestone here
and they have spelled my name wrong, too

A soulless lizard
just hatched from an egg
the kindest creature here? Oh my.