Living Near the Highway

Living Near the Highway

The traffic
in the rhythm of the stop and the go
with the every three minutes red-to-green light change
from the jolt of one impatient foot on the gas
multiplied by the dozens and
to the engines prodded into movement
that join in the one big smoothed-out roar
decrescendo fading down the highway

but the music sets up the next phrase right away:
the next group of cars
caught three minutes later
lining them up behind the red light
in the idle seconds before the first loud note


2 thoughts on “Living Near the Highway

  1. The pattern and rhythm of these stop and start journeys down long roads is something my brain latches on to when I am driving. It is almost like some sort of formal dance.

    • Yes., that is is, there is a plan to it and an order that becomes almost second nature, and I think that is why a lot of people find driving soothing or enjoyable, and the idea of self-driving cars takes away from this activity.

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