Love Seat

Love Seat

It was a cosmic step
that first one
I’m older and wiser now
and I’d still take it
today. Every time.
That should tell you
something about
the etude I’m still listening to
the steps to the dance
the cavort the sidle
the ante up always
for a seat on the aisle
but instead that day
I edit myself
go window
to look out at the trees
I think
and next stop
you appear on stage
curve around the fare box
beeline tenth row
take that aisle seat
next to me.
The sun
sure was shining
on that bus that day
and on the trees
and on us. On everything and
on the step
that began the yet to come.
Every time I think about
how nearly I missed meeting you
I remind myself
I didn’t.


6 thoughts on “Love Seat

    • Thank you. I have always reminded myself of the turns life has taken by what looks like chance, what has come to me as a result of this or that seemingly random event or moment, and then I am reminded that what this means is…it is still happening now. Plus, though I did not meet my husband on the bus, I do often think about the serendipity that brought us together at work and set us on the path we are still on today, for which I am very grateful.

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