A Few New: Wary Eyes; As I Journey Up into the Morning

A couple of recent poems.

Wary Eyes

Henhouse around back and
the nixed vexed fox
just passing by is how she
represents herself
she barks out her indignation
at being accused once again
of ulterior motives

why is it always my fault?
why does no one ever question the chickens?

who watch you lope along
you with your pointed nose quivering
your narrow eyes watching us
and patiently

behind our chicken-wire fence.


As I Journey Up into the Morning

I think many problems are
mistakenly underlined in fluorescent marker
I think oversweet people
set up a craving for the bitter
I think the last page fell out of this book
a long time ago I think renewal
is a word for glossing over bad memories
I think he needed a good dose of aspirin
I think she deserved a divorce
I think it’s a good thing that last night was
all expenses paid I think that piano piece
was too hard for you though
you played it with feeling I think that
there were so many mistakes
in the chicken recipe
I think about that last page missing
in the book I think about
the happy ending I was hoping to get to
and I think it’s up to me
to decide I think it is high time that
I get out of bed and start up


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