Haiku 664, 665; Shadorma 178

Haiku 664

the invisible
rushed upward in narrow tubes
roots to stem to leaves


Haiku 665

faithful to the plan
tight circle of daffodils
feet in last year’s leaves


Shadorma 178

Boo! I yelled.
You turned away. Rude
I thought but
of course not
How could you even hear me
with your earphones in?


8 thoughts on “Haiku 664, 665; Shadorma 178

  1. I immediately thought the final poem was about a ghost trying to interact with a living person and, in a way, that is a bit what it is like to try and engage with someone who is absorbed in something else.

    • I love your idea. and Yes, I agree. A living person who is into their own earphones is separated from the world in a different way than someone just daydreaming. Much farther away.

    • I remember learning about this process in plants in science as a child. I was so entranced to think such a thing was going on in every single plant far and wide – this is how they lived! In spring I always revisit the feeling when things begin to awaken after winter.

      • It is something to contemplate: all that goes on inside a plant. Last spring, when it was warmer than it is here now, I had a feeling or awareness of sap rising in a tree. Though the tree buds were still closed I felt or imagined (who knows which) the reawakening inside the ash tree behind our house.

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