The Conversation Strayed

The Conversation Strayed

I am writing a memoir
so ask me a question
it may jog a memory
Something useful
for a paragraph
or a chapter, even
I said to you
Any idea who did it?
is not the question I anticipated
from you.
Though I will say the old cellar
was a good place to hide
the air very still and the old cellar
never forgot. Look in the back
along the width of it
That’s all the answer I can give you.
Write it down? I think we’ll move on.
Next question.


2 thoughts on “The Conversation Strayed

  1. I, of course, love the implication of secrets and intrigue in this poem and of a narrative that is concealed. I also like that idea of asking questions you may not want the answers to.

    • People do persist in asking just that one question too many, so often, don’t they? I have done this in my quest for perfect understanding and communication so many million times and I’m finally understanding – keeping my mouth shut is just better, most of the time. Think the question, do not ask it!

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