Shadorma 174-176, Haiku 662-663

Shadorma 174

you will find
their papers and books
preserved in
the archives
due to a filing mix-up and
revered by mistake


Shadorma 175

Just this once
let’s skip the debate
the whys and
the hows of
we’re here and whose fault because
We’re here. Let’s climb out.


Shadorma 176

The bike rack
waits for bicycles
whose riders
will brave roads
full of lethal car traffic.
The rack is empty.


Haiku 662

tiny gray cactus
a prank in a squat green pot
tickles my finger


Haiku 663

A green ink sky spills
A one-chapter narrative
falls through the thin air


3 thoughts on “Shadorma 174-176, Haiku 662-663

  1. I’m finding 174 to be more and more true as I look through things I’ve inexplicably saved. And 175 should be a mantra for these times. (K)

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