Haiku 660, Shadorma 169-170, Haiku 661

Haiku 660

But it was too small
that last raindrop of the storm
no one heard it fall


Shadorma 169

we wait and
I know by the way
you grimace
wring your hands
you’re a few minutes early
and wish you weren’t here.


Shadorma 170

Planting them
your big feet I mean
on the rug
Lined them up
with the pattern, I noticed
And then you said no.


Haiku 661

One day, however
and you evade it, it’s now –
You fall down stone dead.


5 thoughts on “Haiku 660, Shadorma 169-170, Haiku 661

    • Thank you. I think the line between something being/not being, happening/not happening, beginning/ending, these are fascinating to me and I keep trying to document it in words. I am glad that this one did that. Makes me feel good. Heard! Thank you.

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