A Few New: Suddenly a Hope; Patterns

A couple of recent poems.

Suddenly a Hope

The bassoon sang out a wry deep call
You heard it
and somehow you thought – but no –
it is none of your business, of course
but what if it were?



The skin and bones the old folks are wearing now
a foolproof disguise for nothing has changed
And you
You still blat out the coded talk
the swirl of childhood grievances

All of you carrying on like a swarm of hungry flies
doing what they do about getting fed up full
chewing on everything in the junk drawer.

Your parents are wearing too-tight memories
Meanwhile, the elastic has dried out in yours –
But obviously none of you
wants to go through that argument again –
It affects your blood pressure, you say
More like it affects yours and double that
is their retort. Sit down and have a bite to eat
before you have to go.