Shadorma 171, Tanka 114, Shadorma 172-173

Shadorma 171

tap the desk click click
You look here
they say and
you look. Their red-painted dance
breaks you. You give in.


Tanka 114

Take half a dozen
eggs a giant barrel of
glue a boatload of
firecrackers. Your hair ablaze
but great hold and silky smooth.


Shadorma 172

smiling and waiting
Looks as if
their stakeout
will pay off big. Evade slaps
and serve up the lunch.


Shadorma 173

get rid of
the complications?
what do you
think will be
the whole point of it without
the complications?


3 thoughts on “Shadorma 171, Tanka 114, Shadorma 172-173

  1. The last one is really quite thought-provoking. Complications and the pathways they create are indeed the things that shape us and they certainly make life interesting and generate lots of anecdotes. The one about mosquitoes is timely as I just received my first nasty bug bite of 2021.

  2. I agree with Laura about the complications. We whine and complain, but we need them to keep us paying any kind of attention. (K)

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