Shadorma 164, Haiku 659, Tanka 112

Shadorma 164

Nose cold night
Grit snow in the street
Feet crunch punch
sparkle steps
stringing streetlight pools in loops
on an icy spool


Haiku 659

skinny bearded man
number three in the sequence
approaches the door


Tanka 112

sound waves spread voices
flowing over and across
the wide-open sky
stretching out past gravity
through the narrow gates of speech


8 thoughts on “Shadorma 164, Haiku 659, Tanka 112

  1. I fully enjoyed the shadorma. Winter is full of sensory experiences when you walk outdoors. The final poem is fascinating.

    • Thank you. Somewhere a long time ago I read that once you speak, the sound waves go on forever. Somewhere your voice is always speaking. This idea has led me to a lot of interesting thoughts over the years, this poem being another exploration of it.

      • That does make one pause and fits in with the ancient concept of karma which I have at moments understood in terms of both physical vibrations (like sound waves) and reverberations in human consciousness that get passed from person to person for generations…subtle stuff but it feels real. If I consider how one small interaction can affect me for years I shudder to consider how things I have said, done or not done could be held in someone else’s mind….

        • Yes. You have said it perfectly how I feel, too. Nothing is ever gone, even if it is out of sight. We tend to think of this as a bad thing, but also, I have realized during this year that it also means the good things are in my mind, where I can access them any time I want to, I only need to go there. That is comforting.

        • Yes, thanks for the reminder of the flip side … this past year too has drawn my attention to the value of having happy memories.

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