A Few New: Comment; Pink Roses; Haiku 920; Haiku 921

A few new poems from this week. There are four of them, but they are all short.


Most foul most mouthed –
is what I thought of that poor woman.

Zero for her results
One hundred percent
for her vocabulary

Oh that poor woman.


Pink Roses

Many years ago
but we’re not sure
He might have lent her money.
She never said.
The flower shop was a success.


Haiku 920

snide mirrors sneering
in bathroom delirium
the tiles dance and reel


Haiku 921

when you step inside
this hotel of fine strangers
always welcomes you


3 thoughts on “A Few New: Comment; Pink Roses; Haiku 920; Haiku 921

    • Thank you. The mirror one, I was thinking of a lot of things, (a person could be hung over, for instance) but also, there are often scenes in movies or mystery books where the person has just done something really bad and goes into a bathroom to wash up and sees the mirror and their face is distorted, or the room is stretched out – I love that image, it is so perfect for expressing the disorientation and mind-spinning confusion.

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