Left lane and holding my place
in line with a million other cars
speeding along in the sunshine
Winter and that’s me you see
wrapped up tight in my green coat
gloves on my hands
the heater warmed up and
blowing out the good strong hot air
because it can’t get too warm in this car for me
Today nothing different no reason nothing special
I am one bead strung with all the others
on this infinite chain of traffic and I am

unprepared for and yet I’m always waiting for it
that flash of pure contentment
that comes and is gone in the instant
it takes to rise in my chest and spread out
through my fingers that grip the wheel
through my foot pressing firm on the gas
the bead passing through fingers
that polish them smooth and once in a while
linger on one of them


2 thoughts on “Eased

    • Thank you. I think that unless we are one of a very few people with influential or important careers or lives or whatever, well, it’s the little moments that we have and that’s our lives. Enjoy them! I say. Notice them! That is what I try to do.

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