Haiku 658, Tanka 110-111, Shadorma 157

Haiku 658

yellow-green frilly
kale is settled in a bag
by two gentle hands


Tanka 110

The squirming baby
The mother tying the strings
of the blue-striped cap
The shoppers move around them
impatient and unsmiling


Tanka 111

Assorted lemons
tied up in yellow netting
held up to be weighed
roll and tumble in the hands
of the nonchalant cashier


Shadorma 157

Flimsy shoes
No socks Frigid cold:
of teenage
midwinter footwear fashion.
Let’s see those blue toes.


2 thoughts on “Haiku 658, Tanka 110-111, Shadorma 157

  1. What is it with tweens and teens refusing to dress for the climate? Mine do wear appropriate footwear but they have a pathological dislike of wearing coats so there is no chance I can get them into hats and gloves.

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