Frost on the Car Windows

Frost on the Car Windows

Only five
degrees. Zero plus
five degrees.
Very cold.
Man in the next car over
coat-clad and scarfed-in

squeezed behind
the steering wheel and
thick puffed arms
held out straight
knit cap atop cranium
jaunty pompom style

shadorma chain

4 thoughts on “Frost on the Car Windows

  1. Now you’ve got me pondering what I look like clad in winter wear behind the wheel of my car. I often take my coat off if driving a longer distance because I want better mobility in my arms than a puffy coat allows so I might have a hat and scarf on but no coat. I bet I look like a right twerp.

    • Inside your own car, you can do whatever you want, I say. But yes, people can see you! It’s one of life’s pleasures to watch other cars and their people, I think. People have a feeling of privacy and yet they are in public. I may be exploiting that schism a bit…for my own enjoyment…

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