Hey There Personable Fellow

Hey There Personable Fellow

What, sorry to be what, what was that he going to
say in a theoretical last message
suddenly before he up and ran from all of us and out
of town so
unexpected. I wouldn’t know where to start but he
sure did and let me explain I
didn’t mean only in the sense of making new friends
but leaving those new friends in
worries and atmosphere of utter confusion he left all
us the duped and regretting
the whole that might have been. We had liked him so

The man had impassive written nowhere on his face.
Smiled like a well-fed cat. And now we’ve
been washed more times in the regrets machine
swirling in circles around the stupid that
dominated to teach us nothing that we could seem to
learn and instead spiraled us into
trouble. Dilemma – what’s his new address? I ask the
air and
so do many and whether they endured small
cheatednesses or whopper big cons, a person of any
moral philosophy would go away big time angry and
if asking more questions and she had and he had and
they had and it hadn’t
in fact hadn’t helped recover all the fancy necklaces
and stock market profits and
the saucer twenty years ago your grandma gave to
you swearing trouble and disgrace
and terrors or disinheritance if you broke it or lost it
which now of course you have done.

About this time a cat strolls along the bus station
platform a stray not that smiling cat I mentioned and
nothing, absolutely nothing, the blank road stretching
out away from here and your car
a strange thing the keys not in your pocket and the
car not in the space

where you left it
forget the bus
he stole the car
and is in
right now as we speak.