To Be Sorry

To Be Sorry

What sorry to be, I didn’t know which one.
The kind that apologizes
for the whole that might have been
the other one
the kind that regrets the whole that is?
I didn’t know

I didn’t know
if explanations
if the flurried and quick
the noisy spatter
if silence
if the nothing, the absolutely nothing,
the clean and soundless blank
would be better
Which one is it?

I didn’t know
I’ll be that sorry
if you will just tell me
which is the one you wanted
I can be it.
Yes. I can be it.


2 thoughts on “To Be Sorry

  1. I like the way the structure of this poem supports that bewildered thought process, flitting between the possibilities of what would be the most apt way to handle a clearly contentious situation. I like that the poem closes with the idea of entering into a dialogue about what might be required to find resolution. I am always telling my kids that apologies are often meaningless without accountability and I think the closing stanza suggests that it is the accountability part that might be interrogated.

    • And people are often saying, well, I’ll say I’m sorry, just tell me what I am sorry for and I’ll do it. I hate that. If you don’t know, then you can’t be sorry…,

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