Textbook Exercise

Textbook Exercise

She stands in profile. Eyeballing her
I draw a line
under her chin
along her neck
set at a right angle and then
I add in the hypotenuse of wobbly flesh
connecting the endpoints
chin point to base of neck.
I have
a perfect triangle.

I watch the short woman
tilt her head
jut out her chin
run the triangle
through infinite variations
of one hundred eighty degrees

Anatomy meeting geometry
a woman scanning up and down
the shelves of books and
I pat the underside of my own chin.


2 thoughts on “Textbook Exercise

  1. I love this idea. I often use a similar analogy when trying to convince people to take art classes. When they say, oh, but I can’t draw. I ask: Can you draw a triangle? Can you draw a circle? Can you draw a square? If they answer yes, (which they invariably do), I say, well then, you can draw. Because that’s all everything is. Just shapes.

    • Yes. I have no patience with people telling me they can’t draw anymore. Because of just what you said. The world is shapes! Easy shapes we learned when we were young.

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