Shadorma 154, 151; Tanka 109

Shadorma 154

too hurried
you leaped from the car
into the
rain having
cut the engine so fast you
strand wipers mid-swipe.


Shadorma 151

Lock windows
shut drapes. Snow expected
late. The night
stands motionless. Waits for it.
Hears it. Smells its scent.


Tanka 109

little mouse curled up
in the corner by the door
left for dead. The cat
done with you when you could fight
no more. Now you count your breaths.


5 thoughts on “Shadorma 154, 151; Tanka 109

    • Often I find them and they will not make it, I know, and I don’t want to make their last moments worse so sometimes I wait to move them. I know, it’s crazy.

        • My cat leaves body parts. Ugh. So I know they are dead. The worst experience I ever had was with my first cat, who “buried” a dead mouse under a throw rug which I then stepped on, said, what is that lump, I lifted the rug, smushed mouse, as I said, ugh.

        • I have horror stories galore from previous cats but those were all cats that were allowed outdoors so they were experienced hunters. My current two cats have only ever been house cats so they just have no clue.

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