Little Vines 2/4/21

move one centimeter to the left:
a wonderful decision
made by the caterpillar that I then did not step on

I want to caw like a happy crow
in the middle of a group of my friends
I will make it my business to survive
recover and sing raspy again

this naughty expression of sparkle and shine?
I stole it from the jewelry box
where you had kept it locked away for so long

one more bath
a little bit more polish
are you disappointed by what has been revealed?

choose the up-to-the-minute ones
the modish ones
the ones that nip you with their elegant teeth
while kissing you on both cheeks

assiduous semiprofessional he may be
but no one ever mistakes him for a maestro
it’s something that he will never get over

brains or talent
doesn’t matter, either is fine
but I don’t want that guy there on the end.
So I guess it’s really looks I’m after. OK?

a tart bit of poetic
and next thing you know I’m sitting beside her
playing cards at the dining room table

we’re here
let us help you
avoid another stupid romance

I’m sorry it’s not true
about the naked water-skiing outing
but cheer up there will always be
middle of the night freestyle square dancing

you can ask two men for directions but you know
you always need a third for the tie-breaker vote
Take my advice. Get the answer from a map.

the secret to life:
an inspired idea in the garage
is a dumb idea in the kitchen

3 thoughts on “Little Vines 2/4/21

  1. Fantastic advice as always and I feel like the broad theme threading through most of them is “advice”, whether on relationships or practical aspects of life.

    • Thank you. You know, you could be right about the advice bent of this group. I have been refelcting on lots of things (as we all have during the pandemic) and being me I tend to express them as advice, tell myself, or tell others! Or, to observe the behavior of others, and to think…hmmm. do this, do that. It is interesting to me how sitting down to write all of these at once, it doesn’t matter what material I start with, it all comes down to the mood I am in or what is on my mind, that shapes LV’s.

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