Shadorma 150, 152, 153; Haiku 643

Shadorma 150

Chapter one:
She slipped. Swimming pool
locker room
the tile floor
puddled. Chapter two: She fell.
The story stops here.


Haiku 643

a few too many
sleet pellets accumulate
Line the sidewalk cracks


Shadorma 152

At the gym
paunchy man punching
flailing shots
at the bag swinging mildly
from the ceiling hook.


Shadorma 153

Slight and bent
an elf of a man
he set off
small feet in
small sneakers and careful steps
Lap one of forty


4 thoughts on “Shadorma 150, 152, 153; Haiku 643

    • Thank you. You may know I was a competitive swimmer growing up and spent a lot of time in locker rooms. I was always a little cautious especially if I didn’t have my glasses on as I came out of the pool, because I am extremely nearsighted to the point of I couldn’t see my feet or the floor pretty much at all. But you’re young and you don’t worry too much, right? Fast forward all these years and for some reason I was thinking about how the wet floor felt under my feet back then and now, my take was different…what if …? Being older supplied a feeling to the memory, that of narrow escape, or … not.

      • Oh, interesting.
        And also that you didn’t mind swimming competitively when you couldn’t see. I’m pretty nearsighted, though maybe not as bad as you, and I would not like that at all!

  1. What a great collection of poems describing different modes of human movement. I once split my head open on the tiled floor of a swimming pool so that one made me judder at the memory.

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