The Magic Night Not Yet Ended

The Magic Night Not Yet Ended

We were out all night
the champagne was so sparkly bright
the dawn so rosy
I threw my shoes into the ocean
and we danced barefoot on the beach
If only I had not stepped on that shard of glass.

The emergency room so crowded
ten stitches in my big toe
Hungover and swearing like a truck driver

and yet
squinting under the fluorescent lights
I wonder:
is a mermaid
at this very moment
holding my slippers in her hands
gazing at them in puzzlement?


5 thoughts on “The Magic Night Not Yet Ended

  1. Now my mind is thinking about a version of the Little Mermaid where the mermaid chooses to gain legs in order to experience wearing shoes rather than to chase after a prince.

    • I like your version so much better. Yes. This coming from a person who was aggravated by the HC Andersen version, I think it was, in childhood; and then, the Disney movie almost put me into insanity, especially when it was the comfort viewing TV show for my son when he was 2-3 years old and we watched it 1 million times. And all through that, I wanted to tell the mermaid – well, you know. So, I LOVE your idea.

      • My youngest sister (14 years younger than me) was addicted to the Disney movie. I think she watched it daily when she was a preschooler. It was really once I became a parent myself that I started to really think about the problematic messaging inherent in a lot of fairytales or Disney classics.

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