A Few New: Mystery Manuscript in Five Chapters; Tanka 248, 249

How about a few recent poems? Take a look.

Mystery Manuscript in Five Chapters

Looking back
when I knew
when the moment I realized
it was all right around the corner
and I was going to grab it

The clock had just gone twelve.

Here is the day when
the corner is turned.
We sit in the noon sun
eating lunch
on the edge of the cliff.

What will I do next?

I pick up a forkful from your plate.
No reason to waste good food.


Two tanka.

Tanka 248

the bargain will hold
the unlikely poisoner
sees no obstacles
meek demeanor and mild smiles
strengthen a venomous tongue


Tanka 249

New moon and no stars
night explores its shadow side
a white deer runs hard
a blurred shape in the darkness
splashes across the black creek


3 thoughts on “A Few New: Mystery Manuscript in Five Chapters; Tanka 248, 249

    • Thank you. This one was inspired by a white deer that lived in the Pennypack Eco. Rest. Trust grounds and I saw him there and at the Pennypack trail, which is when I saw him cross the creek (not at night). What made me think of night for this scene, though, was a full moon walk I went on at PERT and I was talking to the ranger and mentioned the white deer: he told me the deer had grown up at PERT and he’d been watching him all his , the deer’s, life. So I mixed the two in my mind since then. (All of this was of course pre pandemic).

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