New Poetry Books

Hello everyone, I’ve put my poetry from 2020 into print form, and I have two new books.

The Immediate and No Sooner includes all my short form poems – haiku, shadorma, tanka, and others.

And Don’t Come Back contains my “free-form” work.

And if you are wondering, I did the cover art for both books – two recent paintings are featured.

The books are available on Amazon and other online sellers. Below are their links at Amazon. Thanks to all of you who read and support my work. Here is to a good 2021 and our continued friendship through the medium of poetry.

The Immediate and No Sooner

And Don’t Come Back

14 thoughts on “New Poetry Books

    • Thank you. As you know I think every book is a door into another world, and I have been opening them as fast as I can since I learned to read. So to me, to put my writings into print means a lot, that I have maybe provided some doors. And, I also admit to feeling that a word is permanent if it is in print (I know it’s not, nothing lasts, not forever, of course, but I think you know what I mean). And I like the idea that I make a tiny mark on the world with each book, my tiny mark!

    • Thank you. I always wanted to write books, being a big reader all my life, and when I was young I had a lot of manuscripts (all sadly or maybe thankfully lost to time…). Now I can be that person with books in print and I love it. Also, it keeps me motivated to keep writing and to try to improve my work, and they also serve as as as indirect kind of diary.

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