Jump Right into It

Jump Right into It

such a strong recommendation
this holiday spot had from everyone I knew
and yet here I am
bored stiff and sitting by a swimming pool
it’s full of people who are having a whale of a time
and I’m not because resorts bore me
I prefer a library
but tell that to
the fat guy
splashing the pages of my book once again
with his go big or go home rendition
of the traditional cannonball
the kind where the diving board
arching with a deep back bend
audibly strains to fling him skyward
ascending him as he pulls his knees up to that stomach
somehow wrapping his arms around it all
flying in a tight arc and reversing to the water
that receives him with a delayed whomp
before he sinks into the geyser kickback and
generates the mini-tsunami
now rocking the small kids on floats in the shallow end
and making the old ladies standing by the edge gasp
as the wave crests over their midriffs.
They pat their sculptured hair-dos
and glare. I watch. I decide. Let me try
I say and step to the diving board
though I believe I will select

the can-opener variation
for greater style points
and I ignore
my book lying on the lounge
open and ready for a soaking


3 thoughts on “Jump Right into It

  1. I have never had a resort vacation but I have, of course, spent enough time in tourist hot spots to know that the thing I would most intensely dislike about a resort is being forced to be around other people.

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