Before I Knew

Before I Knew

the letter arrived unsealed
impossible to know if
the sender failed to finish the task
or the postal service had peeked
either way the contents
a single sheet of paper
managed to hang on
reaching the destination and
saying the same thing
that they were always going to say
never mind the glimpses
of other possibilities along the way.
Admiring the singlemindedness of purpose
I stood in the rain by the mailbox
dreading or anticipating?
I didn’t know
The unsealed letter breathed out
and waited.


8 thoughts on “Before I Knew

    • Thank you. Since I have lived far from where I grew up for a long time, back in the past I got a lot of letters (it being the 70’s and 80’s and even the 90’s). I never pick up a letter without a sense of anticipation even now. To me it is always a moment standing on the edge of…a cliff? a street? a doorway?

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