I Still Have Time to Keep the Promise

I Still Have Time to Keep the Promise

my taxes were paid up
ditto my utility bills
homeowner association dues
and I gave the cat to a friend
the cat seemed to like.
I sold my furniture
cleaned out the refrigerator
eating one last meal from it
rubbery pickles one elderly egg
and a bitter cup of coffee
sweetened with a sugar packet
I found in a drawer.
We had an agreement
the years and I
I would not let myself
sink into the carpet
or fade into the window blinds
or settle in with the other cushions on the sofa
We had an agreement
and I had reneged on it:
now it was time to make good
before it was too late
to wade in the ocean
one more time.


2 thoughts on “I Still Have Time to Keep the Promise

  1. The ‘elderly egg’ is quite funny. This poem would resonate any time but especially now when there is more time to contemplate those special memories by an ocean or lake or in a rain forest.

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