It’s Not the Money

It’s Not the Money

Don’t worry about it I said but
he stormed off. So I sit down
with a couple of teabags and some hot water
and start bailing
I had opened a separate account because
I don’t think he’s capable of
handling the money any longer
some say it’s so some say it’s
not so. It’s never me to whom they say
it’s so nor do they ask for the details
which I can certainly give them. Instead
they stop short
agree with him. He says
You touch my money
we go through all of that again
and forty and slush funds and
why did he do things to that account
and something’s missing and
by the time I’m finished looking once again
flowing everywhere and the hole
it gushes through
is the one in his mind. Now
I need that single name account
for us to survive and
I can’t explain to him
anymore and that
is the part
that hurts
the most.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not the Money

  1. This poem reminds me of a friend who had permitted her husband to be in control of all of the family finances with her not even having any insight into what was going on with their various accounts and financial commitments. It was then revealed, at a very catastrophic moment, that he had been mismanaging their finances for several years.

    • I experienced this with my parents except in my case luckily for me it was not my finances involved, but it was still just (and still is to a lesser extent) just crazy trying to deal with people who handle money in this manner.

    • OOps, clicked too soon. And I meant to add, disturbing, when there is no recognition by the other party of what is going on anymore with the money, either, because they can’t.

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