What Precipitates a Decision

What Precipitates a Decision

It was still raining
after two years
because she was not attracted
to a life of romance.
The real puzzle is
how is it all going to work out when
not much can be said
about a heroine
in a romance novel
more interested in getting an engineering degree
and taking a lucrative and engrossing job
that being much more to her taste
than the good-looking fellow
of average intelligence
though with substantial private sources of money
and loads of vital energy
the author
who was so kind-hearted
and meant to be doing her a favor
tried to foist off on her.
She will have none of it
and so it rains
she studies for her master’s
he sulks in the living room looking out the window
tapping a tennis racket against his leg
Maybe a genre change is in order here
it just keeps on raining.


2 thoughts on “What Precipitates a Decision

    • I like Jane Austen, but I can’t help thinking how restricted the heroines’ lives are. Although not a whole lot has changed today. As I get older I see that more and more.

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