Wait a Minute, I Didn’t Check My Agenda

Wait a Minute, I Didn’t Check My Agenda

I’ll buy those special shoes soon as I can find them
Get the supplement milkshakes
subscribe to the newsletter
heck I will join a support group and spill some secrets
if that is what it takes to get popular
meet people
and figure out what is going on
that all these other people know
and how they gather in a little group at the gym
talking and laughing having a great old time
while I peel off my sweatpants
falling against the wall when my shoe gets stuck in
the hem
the shoe that is not one of those special shoes

or so I thought until I realized
the brainwashing and TV commercials
and the team-building and way back in high school
and that
I’ve tried it and they’re not and
I’m really not that interested.
And I get out that book and
put my nose right back in it.

Make a note:
Say hello only when you feel like it
and to people you like.


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