Running up the stairs
twenty pounds overweight
wearing high heels
shoulder bag slipping off my left arm
stack of folders sliding
I trip on the top step
grab at the handrail
There was never any doubt
a broken ankle would result
but the face plant
and consequent knocked-out tooth
were a surprise to me
and put me over the top
for bad luck on a Thursday. I screamed out
a big long string of curse words
some of them twice
The whole building heard me
which helped a little
but not enough. The ambulance
stopped at the front entrance
It would be nice to know
the driver understands
I just cannot have this vehicle
get into an accident
on the way to the hospital.

One has to draw the line
in a quarrel with fate.


5 thoughts on “Wrangled

    • No (thank goodness). I saw a woman at Montco library living out the first 5 lines and I imagined the rest (a vivid picture coming into my mind). The steps there were concrete and in a wide open stairwell in the middle of the building open to view, and very sound carrying. I did knock out my front teeth (in 1966) and I have ridden in an ambulance as a patient (1998) so those parts came from my own experience.

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