Dinner Party with Victorian Overtones

Dinner Party with Victorian Overtones

Cave man manners
said the hostess
One has to draw the line.
The truth is
we’re not congenial
in our approach to society
and in our search
for gracious living.
However, I have a plain daughter
who is dreadful at small talk
not to mention
I have run up debts
and a big pile of bills.
I’m of a practical turn of mind.
Could I be on the trail
of a solution?

Cave man manners
said the daughter
But recently arrived in town
Lots of empty spaces
in his social calendar.
It would be nice to know
my grasping mother
and her pile of bills
would be taken care of
when I finish school
get a good job
and move one thousand miles away.
It would be nice to know
she would be looked after
by someone besides me.
Could I be on the trail
of a solution?

Cave man manners
recently arrived in town
seemed only too anxious to please.
Invited for dinner. Oh dear.


4 thoughts on “Dinner Party with Victorian Overtones

  1. I don’t know that this was your intention but my mind, while reading your poem, immediately conjured up a scene from a Jane Austen novel but with a Homo Erectus and a Neanderthal competing for the affections of the young lady with the dowry.

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