So Long Ago and So Intensely Remembered

So Long Ago and So Intensely Remembered

Squeeze and relax my toes
dig them further into the cool corrugated sand
my feet that waver in the pale green surf
at the border of this endless underwater plain

scatters of seaweed and salt
drifts of broken pink and white seashells
advance and retreat with the waves

sun rays refract
in a glint and flash of fish
tiny in their silver skins
who turn and twist in the shallows
brushing my ankles
with soft confiding touches


14 thoughts on “So Long Ago and So Intensely Remembered

    • Thank you. As I get older, I have realized that as much as things change, there is one place they don’t, and I can always return to – my meomories. Choosing only the places I would like to visit, of course. Let all the others stay out of sight.

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