Little Vines 12/31/20

This week’s Little Vines.

I’ve only got a few this week. We’ve been “on vacation” here and though we are at home, well, it’s a different routine when you are on vacation, no matter where you did or didn’t go!

See you next week. In 2021! Happy New Year!

divorce is when love says goodbye
the carriage returns to pumpkin form
the glass slipper splinters on your foot

the guilt
of a closet full of out-of-fashion clothes
with their tags still on

my first name is Flail
my last name is Bail
I’m a terrible friend. Never depend on me.

here we are ten years later
and yet it’s always those seventeen seconds
that we return to again and again

nine minutes left and it’s that last bit of sugar
now limping into the finish line
that will make this cake great
if it can stave off a challenge from the burned bottom

do you know where my boyfriend is?
because from that angle in the funhouse mirror
it looks like he’s kissing you. Oh, surely it’s just the mirror.

the case of dirt and tar and grime and gravel dust vs.
the offended bar of soap
asked to deal with them once again

the damage. the numbness.
the breaking down and the putting back.
and now your tooth is as good as new

2 thoughts on “Little Vines 12/31/20

  1. I love that first poem. It’s the sequel to a princess movie that Disney never makes. I am also heartened by the cake poem. It is always good to think that something about the cake will redeem its failings.

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