Our House

Our House

Well, Grandma
you left me the house
I say
though she can’t hear me
unless what they say about the spirit world
is true
and she’s here in her kitchen with me
the one to which
I’m taking a destructive attitude
starting next week
In short
I am remodeling this whole place.
Well, Grandma,
I say
and did you know that the heater
would pack it up
so soon after you left
if so
I wish you would have let me know
and the upstairs bathroom
my goodness what a mess.
I must get rid of that tile
and the plumbing
I am donating to a museum.
But Grandma
it was so kind-hearted of you
to remember me and
generous and
I miss you even more
now that I am here.
I think
I will paint the kitchen
the color you have always used
and when spring comes
I will keep your garden for you
just as you like it.


3 thoughts on “Our House

  1. I think your poem, while it is about inheriting a home, works on the broader thing of the things we inherit from previous generations, the material and the more abstract things, and the way we can choose to retain elements while eradicating and transforming others.

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