Oh Well Too Bad But Oh Well

Oh Well Too Bad But Oh Well

carelessly planted at the end of the letter
the postscript
barely had time to set shallow roots
and it never bloomed. So-so in appearance
neutral in affect and mien
overlooked in the crowded garden
by the one meant to notice it
and who did not.


2 thoughts on “Oh Well Too Bad But Oh Well

  1. Ha! I send out a weekly email to the families of my students and I so often have to add a bland postscript that seems like it applies to everyone but is really more directed at a specific family – please remember to check your child’s folder, that sort of thing – and I always reckon that the one person who ignores the PS or the entire email is the person I was trying to target.

    • Yes. The person who needs to read the memo never does. The person who should fill in the bottom section of the application never does. The person who the message is for throws it in the trash unread. Life has this pattern, doesn’t it? It makes me wonder about the stereotype of a person being fated to repeat mistakes – it is totally true and real.

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