Little Vines 12/16/20

This week’s Little Vines.

I credit everything to my beauty regiment.
Surely you’ve heard the phrase “It takes an army”.
What? You say it’s regimen? Not at my mirror.

Trivial Moments Hair Gel – my go-to brand.
Smear it on thick. Let it soak in.
Every word you say will be expensively inoffensively

your desicated stringy explanation
it’s tough to swallow it.
I’ll have to chew harder.

because of one rude neighbor
willing to talk trash using a shovel
a mole man in two pieces is crying at my door

she stepped into the volcano
her wedding ring molten lava
inset with a red diamond on fire

in the darkness, torn apart and shaken,
the pillow lets loose a confetti of white feathers:
the full moon floats a night snowstorm to earth

she was plenty angry as you can imagine
and yet the ax was untouched by her emotions:
it merely did her bidding

And you say a bag full of cash
got in the way?
How can that ever be true?

I never owned a storm before
said this winter’s new young god
but I’m loving driving snow.

the vanished factory
now, a block of empty expensive apartments
next, a giant trellis for invasive vines
finally, an open field of seedling trees

I never decided to let the cash
make the difficult decisions –
It just did.

any more plums any more peas
and a pair of blue sneakers caked with dirt
and a garden full of a new fresh start

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 12/16/20

  1. I love that the whole collection as you’ve presented them ends with the line about a “fresh new start”. That is such a hopeful idea. I loved the imagery in the poem about the feathers. It was so beautiful and ethereal and calming. And I really loved the notion of the “desicated stringy explanation”. I think it is a truism that people fill a lie with much more extraneous detail than do people telling the truth.

    • I am interested in the stories people come up with when they are lying. Fiction writers, they are, if you look at it one way! I am a very poor liar myself, I can’t keep the story straight, if I can even manage to look truthful, that is. I have learned, it’s just better for me to stay truthful.

      • That is another thing we have in common: I am a terrible liar too. I have zero poker face and cannot keep the story straight. We play a card game called One Night Ultimate Werewolf which involves deception and bluffing and I am terrible at it. If I am the werewolf then I will be discovered.

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