The House Behind the Years

The House Behind the Years

Frozen vines
leaves black and curled
strung over the porch.
sifted across the living room floor.
Winter sky
filling holes in the ruined roof
an incurious gray ceiling
for damp-softened walls
blooming with mold.

The bathroom sink
the stopper yanked off the chain
fallen from the wall.
The kitchen
floored in black tiles
slanting into the basement.
Your breath
a cloud in the cold.


5 thoughts on “The House Behind the Years

    • Thank you. It was inspired by a falling down cottage behind the carwash next to where I park for the Pennypack Trail that I use so often. In summer you cannot see the building because of the overgrowth, but in winter…it is exposed. I have not been to the house (it’s not acessible) but I imagined…

    • Thank you. This house is a tiny abandoned cottage on the ground behind a carwash, in a flood plain, so it is just being left to fall down. It got me thinking…

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