Little Vines 11/18/20

This week’s Little Vines.

I plan to keep doing Little Vines in 2021. I just really like doing them.

The bald yawning grandfather
the clock just struck twelve midnight
eats a bowl of ice cream in his sock feet
before bed

I saw cherries
lined up on the tree branches
a jackpot of future pies

always second best
the sequel
rails at being misunderstood

the truth starts looking
to employ someone else
when it catches sight of you

the four-leaf clover
not a paltry quartet sawing out just-getting-by tunes
but an orchestra’s worth of good luck and prosperity

the idol speculates
reaching no conclusions
Why would anyone think to bring me an offering of asparagus?

reflected in the toolbox lid
the frown
of a person looking for the screwdriver she left at home

my stomach twisted in knots
I endure
the uptight twirl of rotten luck

overcome by too-long day in the hot sun
the statue faints on top of her fountain
a rainbow forms in the diverted spray

she employs a
floating vegetation kind of
drifty waterlogged style of
explaining things

the wind waxing tweed
the sun waning seersucker
the year moves. the season turns.

Last night I dreamed of a splinter in my finger
This morning I was impaled by a falling tree branch
I guess I can’t say I wasn’t warned

I hear the hum of the scribes
taking down the thoughts of humans in the street –
a choir of letter-writers singing on clay tablets

the antique wife
the callow mistress
passing on the dusty city sidewalk

my biggest fear:
in these desk drawers
I’ll find what I am searching for

She was a vision of cold as cold as can be
waiting for me under the wilting trees
the answer is yes, yes, she told me

she showed plenty of teeth
she said come on let’s get married
and she laughed out loud her inky smoldering joy

10 thoughts on “Little Vines 11/18/20

  1. Please keep doing them! So many here that made me smile. I love 4449 especially. I’ve wondered that myself about many gifts I’ve received. But asparagus would be ok in my case. (K)

    • Yes, I love asparagus myself, now that I learned in adulthood you can buy it fresh! My mother only offered us canned asparagus which is not good at all, and I don’t think I ate fresh cooked until I was an adult. I am a fan now.

        • Beets. Another vegetable I only knew from cans until I was adult. Another veg I hated until I ate it from fresh. Yes, definitely a 50’s 60’s thing. My mother swore by how much better canned and frozen vegetables were.

  2. My favourite was #4453. I of course never would have thought of this description of this kind of behaviour/person but your description is something I could identify from interactions from others. Also, if I was an idol, I would be totally on board with receiving asparagus so long as they were either raw, so I could cook them, or perfectly cooked. No soggy, floppy asparagus or Idol-me might just curse the person. On a related food note (I am now realising I am hungry!), I loved the LV about the cherries and the promise of future pies.

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