Shadorma 245, 246

Shadorma 245

Jersey sweats.
Looks like custom fit.
Nice fabric.
Pressed and sharp.
Can you get made-to-order
sweatsuits? I’ll ask her.


Shadorma 246

if you sing
I will not enjoy
how you sound
but I’ll love
your sheer outright go happy
head-back arms-raised style


6 thoughts on “Shadorma 245, 246

  1. That second poem warms the cockles of my soul as someone who sings a lot despite not being a very good singer. I can carry a tune but my vocal quality is what might kindly be described as the more rustic end of folksy.

    • Well, there are some parts of this poem that are true.In fact all of them, except that the leisure wear part, well, I do not know if anyone would want to follow my fashion lead…

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