Little Vines 11/12/20

This week’s Little Vines.

Seeds just tell him everything
and he listens.
Look at his beautiful garden.

I will make no deals unless
whatever spins in your tonal subconscious
vibrates at a frequency I can agree with

no matter how many hundreds of pounds of spaghetti
you boil in a pot
it will never add up to a backbone

a joyous trio of brand-new beach towels
sprawled sherbet
on the beach

The deposed campaign sign
hides behind the garbage can in the garage
hoping for one more week of relevance. Nope.

after a big dinner the tuckered-out vampire
crawls into the sack
coffin-content in his shadowy closet

should each nested chair
grouse about its place in the stack
or just be glad it has a job at all?

the grandiose housewife
boils with distress
another pot of smelly brussels sprouts on the stove

the collaborative selfishness
of interplanetary conformity
while some may find the idea distasteful
it is why this solar system holds together

the careless column
takes its mind off the job
result: a dropped ceiling

5 thoughts on “Little Vines 11/12/20

  1. #4438 made me do a mental sigh. The thought of all those political signs being removed made me feel the relief of the election being over (well, pretty much) all over again. I love “boils with distress” in the brussel sprouts poem. I despised sprouts for 40 years because I had suffered in childhood from being fed boiled sprouts. Once I gave them another shot and started marinating and grilling or baking them, I discovered that I actually really enjoy sprouts – though their aroma is not that pleasant. I think my favourite from this collection of LVs is the first one. There just seems something magical about the communication and cooperation between the seeds and the gardener.

    • Thank you. I hope not to see a political sign anytime soon and I know when the next election comes my tolerance for them will be low (as if that will do anything to stop them from sprouting). I never heard of Brussels sprouts until adulthood and also despised them until I began to roast them. Yum. And as for the gardener, there is a timelessness about gardening that really appeals to me and especially now.

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